Toby Bryant

Toby Bryant

Resident Artist

Boro, Soft Glass, Stained Glass

Born in Fort Lauderdale, FL in May of 1962 Toby Bryant was born into an artist family. His mother Craigie Succop developed a singular form of glass mosaic that is featured in many books, magazines and collections, both public and private alike. 

Toby's love affair with glass started in 1985 when he began to work with stained glass. When asked,  his most difficult project so far was a set of four, 1200+ piece per pane, stained glass windows for a home in Scarborough, ME. 

The glass romance blossomed even more as he expanded his knowledge to furnace glass in 1990 at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. He worked with Ed Schmidt, educated in Washington state, as well as various guest artists and instructors at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. Toby also had a guest appearance in Venice Italy, at the Murano Glass Factory working with soft glass. 

The love affair continued in 2015 when Toby went back to Pittsburgh Glass Center for a "Monster Marble" class given by Chad Parker...and his boro work began. He has had the pleasure to learn from such artists as Topher Reynolds, Chad Parker, Jason Lee, Eli Mazet, Josh Mazet, Pete Weiss, Jaime Pakua, Tim Dryer and Tammy Baller to name a few. 

Toby is most proud of his work in dichro specializing in a universe marble design, but also spends time learning new skills from resident and visiting artists alike.