Renee Fortier



Renee Fortier was born in Buffalo, NY in August 1970. She moved with her family to Chandler, AZ in 1975 and grew up there. She studied mostly psychology and forensic science, continuing her studies into college. She's worked in the TV broadcast industry most of her life until she came to TobyLogic studios in January 2019. She was able to watch many visiting artists work with Toby on boro glass and became fascinated. After traveling to AGI and MELT in 2019 with TobyLogic Studios she returned to Las Vegas and began her adventure in flame-work. 

Still very new to the art and industry she mainly focuses on pendants and a few turtles as of late while she learns all she can from resident artists Pete Weiss, Jaime Hermann, Toby Bryant, Paige Svetlecich and Cabot Bryant. Renee also helps to run the business side of TobyLogic Studios so you may find her in the office if she's not behind the torch.